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22 Nov 11 Wendy Ida – Your World Class Fitness Trainer

November 22, 2011

Wendy Ida may appear “over the top” in her dedication to fitness, health and self empowerment, she has not forgotten her own journey from despair to triumph.  A Domestic Violence Survivor, Wendy gained 50 pounds after having two children and considering she was a size 12 most of her life before starting her own exercise regime at age 42 – and dwindling down to a rock-solid size 4 – it’s no wonder why Wendy feels teaching, preaching and inspiring others to live their potential can not only change the world, but it is her reason for living.

Wendy is 59 years old, has a degree in accounting and worked as a Corporate Accountant for 20 years before turning to health and wellness.  Now after 15 years of changing lives and rocking the worlds of many, the proof is in the pudding.  Wendy walks her talk and often says:

“The power of fitness can set you free at any age

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